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Anwar Group welcomes the dog's tail party
Anwar Group celebrates the Year of the Dogs (2017 Annual Meeting and 2018 New Year Gala) held on the evening of February 11, 2018 in the lobby of Yangzhong Old Store Hotel, from all employees of the company and representatives of some cooperative units. Invited to attend this annual grand event. The rostrum is set at the forefront of the hall. On the large-scale color electronic screen, the eight golden characters on the large-color electronic screen are inlaid in the red color screen. The participants are dressed in the costumes of the show. The whole hall is full of people. A festive atmosphere of joy and joy.
The party started in the cheerful music and the enthusiastic hostess of the hostesses. After the chairman’s speech, the performance of the literary show, everyone toasted, the passionate interaction between the stage and the stage, the laughter and cheers continued to rise and bless China's achievements and a bright future.
Anhua Group's 20th Anniversary Event
On June 18, 2018, Anwar Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the hall of the conference hall, the lanterns are high-hanging, and the large red carpet is more colorful and luxurious. The two lines of the podium on the colorful background of the podium are striking: the upstairs is a pair of peace pigeons respectively. The 20th Anniversary of the Group's establishment, the lower row is more dazzling, "Hand in hand for twenty years, Anwar is moving forward" ten big characters sparkling. In order to celebrate this milestone, everyone in the company gathered together to celebrate the celebrations and share the development results of the company.
At the meeting, Chairman Wei Chengge first gave a speech, and successively commended a large number of old employees and award-winning representatives who made significant contributions to the company, expressed their own rhetoric, and finally ended in the joyful singing of everyone.
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