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What are the classifications of cable trays?
1. Cascade cable tray The CQ1-T stepped cable tray is improved according to relevant information at home and abroad. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installa
The difference between the trough bridge and the tray type bridge
Bridge structure type Can be divided into perforated trays, non-porous trays, ladder frames and assembled trays.(1) A perforated tray is a groove-shaped member composed of a bottom plate and a side
What should be the safety precautions in the use of low-voltage distribution boxes?
Strict management and proper use of low voltage distribution boxes are essential measures to reduce electrical accidents. In order to do a good job in its management and use, it is necessary to implem
What are the requirements for cable tray and busway installation?
Cable tray and busway installation requirements:(1) The metal bridge and the wire trough and its support are not less than 2 in length and connected to the ground (PE) or zero (PEN) mains..
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